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Do you want to become mentally stronger? Did you know that the best way to change your mindset is to use positive self-affirmations? that’s because affirmations are super simple, you can use them anywhere and they help you instantly. The affirmations for mental strength in this post will help you become stronger and tougher and face every obstacle in life with confidence.

If you are working on your self-esteem or self-confidence, mental strength affirmations can help you a lot. Use them on a daily basis to guide you in the right direction. Eventually, you will be able to face anything life throws at you.

Why you need affirmations for mental strength

Positive affirmations can help you a lot, even though they are a very simple concept. They support you in building your inner strength and help you push aside the negative thoughts that try to tell you not to try something or that you are not good enough.

In short, affirmations fill your mind with positive energy. You use them, and you feel better. That’s why you need them for mental strength. There are always going to be difficult times in life, but you have to find a way to overcome them. You are a powerful woman and you have what it takes to fix any problem you might have.

Affirmations are a powerful tool and they can very literally change your life. If you use them every single day, you are going to see better results. There will be less and less negative self-talk, and you’re going to learn the power of positive thinking. It sounds very simple (and it is!), but positive thinking really does make a huge difference in your life. It gets you through the hard times and helps you focus on the good things in life.

46 Affirmations for mental strength

1. I am a strong person.

2. I may have a long distance to go, but I will go all the way till the end.

3. I have the ability to get through the hard things.

4. I am doing the right thing.

5. I am focusing on my own personal growth.

6. I genuinely want to have a healthy lifestyle.

7. I am open to new experiences.

8. I do my very best every single day of my life.

9. I am in full control of my life.

10. I want to eat healthy foods and feel good.

11. I make good choices and know what is right.

12. I am independent.

13. I choose to have a positive outlook on life.

14. I am brave and determined.

15. I always survive tough situations.

16. I can face even my deepest fear.

17. I replace my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

18. I want to do what is right.

19. I am doing this, no matter what it takes.

20. I choose what happens.

21. With every passing day, I become stronger.

22. I am the toughest of the toughest.

23. I have mental, emotional, and physical strength.

24. I love challenges.

25. I can face anyone without being scared.

26. I like stepping out of my comfort zone.

27. I always keep going.

28. Failure makes me more determined.

29. Challenges make me stronger and better.

30. I am capable of anything I choose to do.

31. I always give my all.

32. I focus on the future.

33. It’s the right time for me to take action.

34. I release all negative energy and choose to be strong.

35. I am potential and great things happen to me.

36. In the morning, I choose to be confident and at the end of the day, I am proud.

37. I embrace challenges and having to apply myself.

38. Today I am stronger.

39. I choose to have a positive mindset.

40. I always find a way.

41. I let go of stress and focus on what matters.

42. I am honest and say what I think.

43. My own opinions matter. I listen to my own opinion before others.

44. Today is a hard day, but I will get through.

45. Whatever happens, I am there for myself.

46. New challenges excite me and I am always ready for the next thing.

How much affirmations can help your mental strength

Positive daily affirmations can help you a lot, that’s for sure. But how much can they help really, especially when it comes to mental strength?

Becoming mentally stronger takes a lot and there’s no one single trick that will suddenly change everything. You have to know where you are right now and what are the things that affect your mental strength and mental health. Perhaps you need to deal with your past experiences that you’ve tried to forget or you need to let go of some things in your life, like a bad friendship.

You need to be honest with yourself and just do what you have to do. But whatever your situation is, for sure there are many different things you need to do and you do have to push yourself and get outside your comfort zone. That’s going to improve your mental toughness.

While this isn’t necessarily going to be an easy journey, the good news is that affirmations can help your mental strength and they are very easy to use. Their power is in replacing your negative beliefs and thoughts with positive ones so that you no longer stand in your own way.

Affirmations can’t do the whole work for you, but they can encourage you to get started and give you clarity when you’re feeling weak or when you think that maybe you actually aren’t tough enough to do something. Because for sure you are tough enough. It’s not always easy, but you will get through all the difficulties. And one day you will be proud of yourself.

That’s what affirmations do. They help you get started and remember that you are strong, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

When should you use these affirmations

I do recommend that you include affirmations in your daily life, for example as a part of your morning routine. But how often should you use mental strength affirmations specifically?

In my opinion, it’s best to always ask yourself what it is that you really need right now and what would help you the most. That means that you don’t necessarily use the exact same affirmations every day. There are so many affirmations out there, some for confidence, some for gratitude, some for leveling up, and so on. You don’t need them all every day.

Instead, you have to know what you need right now and focus on that. Even though I’m sure that you are trying to learn many things and change your life in many different ways, you can do it all at the same time.

So, if you need affirmations for mental strength today, use them. And write down a few of them somewhere where you can find them when you need them or simply bookmark this page. But on those days when you want to focus on some other topic, do that!

Use these affirmations every time when you feel like you could most of all benefit from things that support your mental strength and make you tougher.


Mental strength affirmations can help you build a positive mindset and give you courage and confidence. No matter what happens, you can always survive it and even if today isn’t the best day, you can feel better after using affirmations.

A lot of people want to become stronger mentally, but only a few are willing to do the work and put in the effort. Strong people don’t give up just because something isn’t super easy all the time. That’s why you need to build your mental strength even when you don’t feel like it or when you feel like it’s not worth it. Every journey comes with a few bumps in the road and so does this. It’s completely normal, that’s what life is like.

Just keep going, no matter what happens, and remember that you are a strong, powerful woman who can do anything. Believe in yourself and never give up.

What are your favorite affirmations? Which one of the affirmations on this list is the most inspiring in your opinion? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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