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Do you want to be a better teacher? Do you want to be inspired to do even better? Then you need these simple affirmations for teachers! 

You might know that affirmations are simple powerful statements that help you change your mindset and manifest things in your life. If you happen to be a stressed teacher who often doesn’t feel confident, you must start using daily affirmations. When you make them a part of your daily routine, those busy mornings when you question the whole idea of a teaching career will be history. 

It’s of course important that you take time to make lesson plans and grade tests, but you also need to take care of yourself. Affirmations can honestly make a big difference. They help you start your day on a positive note and be an even better teacher than you already are. 

Affirmations can naturally help everyone, from special education teachers to college professors. And if you happen to be a student teacher still figuring out who you are as a teacher, these affirmations can be a great way to build your confidence. Let this be a source of inspiration for you and always remember that you are good enough just the way you are! 

Without further ado, let’s get to the positive teacher affirmations that you are here for! 

Affirmations for Teachers

1. I know I have a positive impact on my students’ lives. 

2. My students inspire me to do my very best. 

3. I know I am a great teacher. 

4. I do my work as well as I can and that’s enough. 

5. Teaching is the best job for me because I am a natural at this. 

6. Seeing children learn new skills and have aha moments is rewarding. 

7. Today is a great day because I get to do what I do best. 

8. I encourage positive behavior and help my students become their best selves. 

9. My unique qualities and new ideas make me a valuable asset to this school. 

10. I like making lesson plans and coming up with new ideas that will help my students learn. 

11. My students can teach me to be more understanding and open-minded. 

12. When I’m in my classroom, I feel I’m in the right place. 

13. I am a good example to other teachers. 

14. Every morning I feel grateful to have my job. 

15. My colleagues are my friends and they inspire me to be a better teacher. 

16. My years of experience prove that I am a very capable teacher and I know how to do my job well. 

17. My classroom is a safe, positive space and everyone is welcome there. 

18. I have the ability to make shy kids feel safe and encourage them to speak up. 

19. In my class, everyone is just as valuable. 

20. My positive mindset helps my students feel safe and confident. 

21. I love helping my students reach their full potential. 

22. It is important for me to foster a positive learning environment in my classroom. 

23. In a challenging situation, I take a deep breath and keep my calm. 

24. My classroom is full of positive energy and excitement. 

25. I have a pivotal role in shaping the lives of future generations. 

26. I pride myself in the strong relationships I have with my students. 

27. I know that when it comes to educating young minds, having a growth mindset and a positive attitude is essential. 

28. When I do my best and believe in myself, good things happen. 

29. I love coming up with new ways to teach and help my students. 

30. I am a problem solver and I go through tough times and solve difficult situations like the dedicated champion I am. 

31. I strive to be a positive role model in my young student’s lives. 

32. I take my professional development seriously and keep learning to become an even better teacher. 

33. When it comes to preparing my students for their future, every single day matters. 

34. I can see the potential even in the most challenging child. 

35. My classroom is a safe place for every student, even when they are going through difficult times in their personal lives. 

36. I have full control of my thought-life even when I’m stressed or tired. 

37. I am a lifelong learner and I become a better teacher every day. 

38. I start every school day on a clean slate. 

39. The hard work that I do leads to a positive difference both in the lives of my students and in society. 

40. My teaching style focuses on helping every student find their own potential and building self-confidence.

41. Every new school year is full of new opportunities and that excites me. 

42. I know that I am a good teacher already but I like to focus on my personal growth and challenge myself to become even better. 

43. I can affect my students’ behavior by setting a positive example. 

44. When I give my best effort, that is enough. 

45. I encourage my students to apply themselves and become more confident. 

Affirmations can also help your students

I’m sure you love trying new teaching methods every now and then. Why not see if affirmations could help your students too? 

Affirmations are a very powerful tool and they can make your classroom a better place for learning and growing. Not to mention that the positive vibes they create are definitely needed. 

One way to do this is to have affirmation stations in your classroom. All you really need is a mirror, some paper, and some pens. Perhaps you could also put up some positive phrases on the walls of the classroom? They can help you build a supportive learning environment. 

Teaching your students about building a positive mindset and using affirmations can be a very powerful gift for your students! 


Work life is never easy and being a teacher definitely comes with quite a few challenges. The good news is that you can make your life a bit easier and feel better about yourself by using these affirmations. 

I suggest you make these affirmations for teachers a part of your morning routine. Make a list of positive affirmations that you resonate with the most and then use them on a daily basis to set the mood for the day and to boost your confidence when you need it. You can write one or two on a sticky note and stick it somewhere where you can see them often. 

The power of positive thinking is nothing to scoff at. If you haven’t tried using affirmations yet, give them a chance and use them for a week. Just see what happens! 

I hope these affirmations for teachers make your teaching life a little easier and that you use them often! What were your favorite affirmations on this list? Comment down below! 

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