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Do you believe in the power of affirmations? You should! And if you want to change your life, you need the best manifestation affirmations you can find. I’ve got those right here. 

Positive thoughts matter and affirmations are possibly the best way to build the life of your dreams. They can help you in all areas of your life. I like to write new affirmations all the time and I really hope that these powerful manifestation affirmations empower you to change your life. 

I know it can sometimes be hard to believe in yourself and work hard on your goals, but I believe in you and I assure you that one day your life will be exactly what you want it to be. 

Whether you need some money affirmations or some body-positive affirmations, you can find those and many more on the following list. 

Make sure to use them on a daily basis to start going after your dream life! 

100 Positive manifestation affirmations

1. I am living my best life and my biggest dreams are coming true. 

2. I reach all of my goals. 

3. I can create positive changes in my life. 

4. I have enough money for everything I want. 

5. Success is my reality. 

6. The small steps I’m taking are changing my life in a big way. 

7. I have a habit of being in the right place at the right time. 

8. I can literally make my wildest dreams come true. 

9. I manifest comfort and abundance. 

10. I have a positive mindset that helps me get what I want from life. 

11. I can build my dream life and become the woman I want to be. 

12. I radiate positive energy and attract miracles in my life. 

13. I only accept good, supportive people in my life. 

14. I can make every single one of my dreams come true. 

15. My daily routine helps me build the future I want. 

16. I am a money magnet. Money simply flows my way. 

17. I trust my good luck to bring me what I want. 

18. I find new opportunities and meet new interesting people constantly in my normal day-to-day life. 

19. I am stronger every day. 

20. I am worthy of love, money, and abundance. 

21. I have limitless power to change my life. 

22. I am becoming the best version of myself and I am proud of myself. 

23. I find new exciting opportunities all the time. 

24. Other people’s negative beliefs don’t stop me. 

25. I step out of my comfort zone with confidence knowing that I can do anything I want. 

26. My dream job is waiting for me. 

27. I have an open mind and a positive outlook, and good things happen to me all the time. 

28. Everything on my vision board is coming true this year. 

29. I improve myself and my skills all the time in my daily life. 

30. Positive things happen to me because I deserve them. 

31. I have a good relationship with myself. 

32. I like to spend time with myself. 

33. I am a happy person. 

34. I am in charge of my own life and I make things happen. 

35. I am a successful business owner who knows no limits. 

36. I replace my limiting beliefs with trust and confidence. 

37. I attract like-minded people who have a leveled up life. 

38. I am getting my dream apartment. 

39. Abundance belongs in my life. 

40. I am excited about my new job. 

41. I only accept respectful treatment from others. 

42. I deserve unconditional love and respect. 

43. I feel very comfortable in my own skin. 

44. Self-love comes naturally to me. 

45. Money always finds its way straight to my bank account. 

46. I know what I want and I also get it. 

47. I am a very relaxed and confident person. 

48. I welcome abundance with open arms. 

49. I am getting a new job that matches my career goals. 

50. I’m on the right track to becoming a successful and wealthy woman. 

51. Challenges excite me and make me stronger. 

52. I am open to new opportunities. 

53. I have luck on my side. 

54. I slay every goal I set. 

55. I have good luck and things always go right in my life. 

56. I work hard and get the desired result. 

57. I attract career success and big promotions. 

58. When I work hard, I get positive results every time. 

59. I am becoming the woman I have always dreamed of being. 

60. I like to challenge myself on a daily basis. 

61. I am truly proud of myself. 

62. I know my worth and only accept things that benefit me. 

63. I am amazed by all the opportunities I am getting. 

64. I surround myself with the right people who help me grow. 

65. The harder I work, the more I get. 

66. I only spend my time on things that actually matter. 

67. I am a well-respected employee and I do my work exceptionally well. 

68. The romantic partner of my dreams is waiting for me. 

69. I am talented and I know what I am doing. 

70. Making more money is easy for me. 

71. When I do good things for others, it comes back to me. 

72. I attract abundance in my life. 

73. I only use positive words about myself. 

74. I have a healthy relationship with my body and I value myself. 

75. My biggest dreams and desires are coming true. 

76. I always find a way to get what I want. 

77. The power of manifestation helps me get what I want in life. 

78. I am on my way to becoming my higher self. 

79. I love my life and all its opportunities. 

80. Money likes me. 

81. I come up with new ideas easily. 

82. I am a hardworking person and I like to do things right. 

83. It’s easy for me to be around new people. 

84. I make a difference in other people’s lives. 

85. I trust my skills. 

86. My dream life is right around the corner. 

87. I am powerful and competent. 

88. Finding love is easy for me because I am a high-level woman. 

89. Positive thinking helps me to see my worth. 

90. Being awesome is part of my routine. 

91. Every day is a step to a better future. 

92. My positive intentions turn into good results. 

93. I am listening to my inner guidance and going in the right direction. 

94. Personal growth is an important thing to me. 

95. I know the power of positive affirmations to be true and I let them change my life. 

96. I replace negative self-talk with powerful, positive thoughts that send me in the right direction. 

97. I have a good self-esteem. 

98. When faced with a challenge, I always come up with a solution. 

99. I always get the desired result. 

100. I have a wonderful life. 

Why you need to start using manifestation affirmations

Affirmations are relatively short positive statements, always in the present tense, and they help you keep negative thoughts at bay and let your subconscious mind learn to stay positive and stop wasting time on doubting and second-guessing. 

The benefits of affirmations are quite impressive: they can help you start believing in yourself, build a growth mindset, help you manifest abundance, or whatever else you desire and they help you have a positive mindset. Not bad, right? 

My favorite manifestation technique is very simple: I like to have a list of powerful affirmations at hand and then recite them out loud. It is also a good idea to write them down a few times, but whatever kind of manifestation method you are using, I know you can use these affirmations to make things happen! 

Affirmations are a powerful tool and finding the right affirmations for you will help you immensely, so you definitely want to take your time with it. Additionally, it might also be a good idea to use a manifestation journal to help your process. 

Final thoughts on manifestation affirmations

Daily affirmations are possibly the most powerful way to change your mindset. There’s no denying that using powerful statements like these can change your mood and attitude in seconds. That’s why affirmations are a great way to start your day. 

This website is full of some of the most powerful affirmations and whatever topic you’re looking for, I bet I’ve covered it. For example, if you’d like to manifest abundance in your life, you can start with these money affirmations. You can also try writing your own affirmations if you feel like it. 

What are your favorite affirmations in this post? List them in the comments! If you think you know people who would benefit from these affirmations too, do share this post on social media! Lastly, I hope you have a lot of luck and blessings on your manifestation journey!