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Do you believe that you are who you are and there is very little you can do about yourself or your skills? Or do you believe that you can always grow and learn more and that failure is but an opportunity to grow? Either way, you can benefit from growth mindset affirmations!

If you believe that you can change, that means you have a growth mindset. And that is a good thing to have. It means you enjoy challenges and learning new things. Having a growth mindset also helps you stay confident even when things go wrong.

If this doesn’t sound relatable, not to worry! A growth mindset is something you can develop. One super easy way to do that is to use affirmations that are specifically designed to help you build a strong and healthy growth mindset.

Start using these growth mindset affirmations regularly and before you know it, you will start to change. You’ll no longer think that you simply don’t have what it takes or that failure is the end of the world. It’s not, it’s simply a learning lesson!

So, without further ado, let’s learn more about having a growth mindset and then let’s get to those affirmations!

How affirmations can help you develop a growth mindset?

Affirmations are simple, positive statements that you repeat to yourself or write down. They are extremely easy and fast to use and that’s why it’s amazing how big of a difference they can make! They can make you think and feel differently in a matter of seconds.

Over time, combined with you taking action, they can change your life.

Affirmations can help you develop a growth mindset if you use them often and let yourself believe in them. Growth mindset affirmations are designed to help you remember that you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to and that even if you sometimes make mistakes (even really big ones), it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t simply try again.

Mistakes are a wonderful way to learn and you shouldn’t be afraid to make them. No one is perfect and it takes time to learn new things and build your dream life. So don’t worry if things don’t go according to your plan. Just keep trying and never miss an opportunity to learn.

You can use these affirmations as morning affirmations if you want to, or you can write a couple of them down and take a look at them whenever you feel like you need a reminder of just how powerful and potential you are.

Growth mindset affirmations

1. I like to try new things.

2. I can choose to be smart and learn to be wise.

3. I enjoy the process of learning and becoming better.

4. I can become any kind of person I want.

5. I always keep going, no matter what.

6. Mistakes help me grow and learn.

7. I can learn anything.

8. I love challenges, they help me grow.

9. I set new goals for myself and aspire to grow as a person.

10. Everything is within my reach.

11. I can make any dream of mine come true by setting goals and creating detailed plans.

12. Every failure is an opportunity to grow.

13. I can choose to have a positive attitude, no matter what happens.

14. What matters, is that I put in the effort and keep trying.

15. I embrace failure knowing that it helps me succeed.

16. I can build a growth mindset.

17. Practising this over and over makes me perfect.

18. I am allowed to ask for help.

19. I can train my brain to be anything I need it to be.

20. I love getting feedback because it helps me grow.

21. What matters is that I have the courage to continue.

22. I can build the kind of future I want.

23. If I want to be something, I can make that happen.

24. I am in control of my life.

25. I can be a master of anything.

26. I always have a positive outlook on life.

27. I want to try again and again until I succeed.

28. Every day is a new chance.

29. My brain is capable of anything.

30. I can build a better self-esteem.

31. I want to do things that scare me.

32. Hard work and perseverance matter more than luck.

33. I am changing every day.

34. I am becoming a new person.

35. I have the courage to try.

36. I always do my best.

37. Seeing other people succeed gives me motivation.

38. I know I am just as good as others.

39. I grow through what I go through.

40. Personal development is my passion.

41. When I keep trying, I increase my odds.

42. I have a lot of potential.

43. I stick to my habits and routines.

44. I focus on making progress and learning something new all the time.

45. I trust my own skills and intelligence.

46. I can improve all of my skills.

47. I have a positive attitude whatever happens.

48. I find personal growth fun.


Having a growth mindset is super important if you want to achieve a lot in your life. It’s also beneficial for your mental health. You can build a growth mindset by focusing on learning and personal growth. Always keep in mind that failure isn’t a catastrophe and you can always try again.

Affirmations are a wonderful tool for building a growth mindset. Try using these growth mindset affirmations for a couple of weeks and see how much of a difference they make.

I recommend using them every single day so that you have a good habit of using affirmations and so that you stay in the same mindset and don’t forget about it a couple of days later.

Which one of these affirmations o you think is the most powerful or inspiring? Share it on social media!

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