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Do you struggle with negative self-talk and low self-esteem? Would you like to let those negative feelings go away and replace them with positive energy and stronger self-confidence? If that’s the case, now is the right time to start using these positive daily affirmations for women that will help you on your personal growth journey. 

Positive self-affirmations are a powerful tool that you can use to keep the negative thoughts at bay and let positive thinking do its magic. Having a positive attitude will make your daily life much easier. You’ll be happier and you won’t waste time thinking about what could go wrong and why you aren’t good enough. Because you are good enough already. 

Start using these powerful affirmations on a regular basis (preferably every single day) and you will notice how positive changes start to happen. 

Positive affirmations for women

1. Good things happen to me all the time. 

2. I feel comfortable in my own skin. 

3. I can handle even the most difficult situations with ease. 

4. I am grateful for all the positive things in my life. 

5. I am becoming the best version of myself. 

6. The hard work I do pays off. 

7. The best part of my life is just about to start. 

8. I have a positive effect on the world and the people around me. 

9. I have a high self-esteem and I feel good about myself. 

10. Deep inside, I always know what is the right thing to do. 

11. I have the courage to be my own true self. 

12. When I work hard, great things happen to me. 

13. I take charge of my own life. 

14. I listen to my body’s needs and take good care of myself. 

15. I foster positive emotions and choose to have a positive mindset, whatever happens. 

16. I can make even my wildest dreams come true. 

17. I am the person who goes to extra mile. 

18. I can learn any new skills I want. 

19. I am ready for a fresh start. 

20. I am a confident woman who can do anything. 

21. Wonderful things happen to me all the time. 

22. I am living a fun and happy life. 

23. I am my very best self today. 

24. Today I am a stronger woman than I was yesterday. 

25. I am worthy of love, respect, and happiness. 

26. I respect myself and I know that I deserve to be respected by others. 

27. I love myself just the way I am. 

28. I am grateful for everything good and beautiful in my life. 

29. I know I have a lot of inner strength. 

30. I trust the law of attraction and I know it helps me build my dream future. 

31. The hard times in life make me stronger and give me courage. 

32. I feel good about myself. 

33. I am kind, generous, and loving. 

34. My strong willpower will get me anywhere I want. 

35. I love the surprises life brings me. 

36. Helping others makes me happy. 

37. I have the power to change my life. 

38. I feel peace and gratitude. 

39. I am living a good life that 

40. I am worthy of unconditional love. 

41. I have a lot of determination and courage. I can do anything. 

42. Every minute of my life is a blessing. 

43. I am the only person who gets to choose what I do with my life. 

44. By making little changes in my everyday life, I build the future I want. 

45. I am a person and good things happen to me constantly. 

46. I leave the past behind because I deserve inner peace. 

47. Today is a new day and I couldn’t be more excited. 

48. I am building a better version of myself. 

49. Exciting new opportunities are right behind the corner. 

50. I am a good person and treat others kindly. 

51. I love life and all its miracles. 

52. I can train my subconscious mind to support me in building a more positive life and a more optimistic mindset. 

53. I can’t help but smile when I see myself in the mirror. 

54. I have a strong will and I am determined to reach my goals. 

55. I trust my ability to accomplish anything I want. 

56. I release all my negative emotions and replace them with positive energy. 

57. I am a positive person and I see beauty in everything. 

58. The moments of doubt I have simply bring clarity to my life. 

59. I am proud of who I am today and how far I have come. 

60. I take self-care seriously because it makes me feel so much better. 

61. I am amazed by how beautiful my life is. 

62. I deserve all the happiness and luck I have. 

63. I am growing every day and becoming even stronger and more capable. 

64. I have a good life. 

65. Every day of my life is a blessing. 

Final thoughts on positive affirmations for women

Do you know how big the power of positive thoughts is? You can literally change your whole day and mindset with positive affirmations. The more regularly you use them, the more they will help you. I recommend you make them a part of your daily routine, but you can also simply use them whenever you are feeling down or discouraged. 

Write your favorite positive affirmations for women in this post in a notebook and use them when you feel like you need a reminder of who you are or when you simply want to feel a little bit better. 

I have written a lot of powerful daily affirmations that you can use to make your day better and also to help you reach your goals and dreams. 

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