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Are you starting a new business? Have you been working hard on your business, but you’re not getting much in return? Let me help you with these 67 positive affirmations for entrepreneurs!

These affirmations are simple positive statements that help you shed your negative thoughts and build a positive mindset when it comes to your business and yourself as an entrepreneur. It’s not easy to be your own boss and build a successful business. And for sure there will be bumps in the road and sometimes you might even feel like giving up.

But the best way to become successful is to just keep going. One day your hard work will pay off and you will be happy you persevered. If you refuse to give up, you can’t fail.

How can affirmations help you become a successful entrepreneur

Using daily affirmations can very literally change your life. They help you keep the right mindset whatever happens and they can make you feel excited about the workday ahead even if you wake up feeling lazy or uninspired. Especially if you’re not a morning person, using motivational entrepreneur affirmations first thing in the morning will make it much easier for you to get ready for work and then get started.

Using positive affirmations on a daily basis will help you reprogram your subconscious mind and start fostering positive energy and positive thoughts. This will make it much easier for you to actually get things done, overcome imposter syndrome if you are suffering from it, come up with new ideas, and not waste time.

​At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to do in order to become successful is to put in the work. You need to do whatever you can to make that easier. Positive thinking definitely helps and making affirmations a part of your daily routine is a great way to reduce the harmful negative self-talk that you may struggle with.

​Use the following affirmations to change your mindset and become a better business owner!

67 Affirmations for entrepreneurs

1. I am a successful entrepreneur and my business is constantly growing.

2. I have a positive outlook on life even when things are tough.

3. I like to step out of my comfort zone and see what I’m capable of.

4. I surround myself with other successful people.

5. I am worthy of success and money.

6. I am building the life of my dreams.

7. I am a successful business owner who can meet any goal.

8. I am making positive changes in the world. My work has value.

9. Difficult times make me stronger and teach me new skills.

10. I only accept the right people who can help me grow in my circle.

11. I am doing great things in my business.

12. Tough times teach me lessons and make me a better business owner.

13. I am building my own career path and I am enjoying my journey.

14. It’s a good thing I’m this smart, creative, and resourceful.

15. I can make even my wildest dreams come true by working hard.

16. I am worthy of the success I am creating.

17. I am full of new ideas and I am making plans to grow my business.

18. If I work hard and make a lot of progress today, I am much closer to success by the evening.

19. I have no limiting beliefs. I know I can do anything.

20. I dominate this business sector.

21. I am confident and hardworking and I have a lot of stamina.

22. I am constantly getting new, amazing opportunities to network and expand my business.

23. I love being an entrepreneur. It’s my calling.

24. I have an abundant life. I am lucky.

25. My mind is a powerful tool that is capable of coming up with ingenious ideas.

26. I work hard every single day. My business is what really matters to me.

27. I have a positive attitude even when I face obstacles.

28. I know what I’m doing and achieving business success is inevitable for me.

29. I am adventurous and my entrepreneurial journey is exciting to me.

30. I am proud of what I do.

31. My work helps people and I am needed.

32. I focus on my work and push pessimistic thoughts aside.

33. The work I do brings me money and security.

34. I am a great leader and people like to listen to me.

35. I know I can make the right decision.

36. I love my business and I want to do my best for it.

37. I am building many streams of income and they are all successful.

38. I am reaching financial freedom.

39. My competition motivates me to work harder.

40. I have the mental strength to overcome any obstacle and go through even the hardest of times.

41. I love working. It makes me feel good.

42. My competitors admire my work.

43. Coming up with new, great ideas is easy for me.

44. I am slaying my business goals.

45. I have built my own business and that is something to be proud of.

46. Today is a very productive day and I am doing my best to succeed.

47. I am making a positive difference in the world. My work matters.

48. My business is thriving and there are no limits to its potential.

49. The world is my oyster and I am free to try anything.

50. My work is important because I serve the people and I make a difference in their lives.

51. It’s safe for me to invest in my business because I earn that money back.

52. My products are worth a lot of money.

53. I like the competition.

54. When I work, I’m doing something I love.

55. I have a lot of potential and a lot of opportunities.

56. I know how to create wealth.

57. I take my business goals seriously and do my best to achieve them.

58. I was born to be successful.

59. It’s fun to try new things and take risks.

60. I win because I am determined and resourceful.

61. I am good at making decisions.

62. The little victories prove that I am on my way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

63. I decide to work hard on my dreams every single day.

64. I am all about action and trying new things.

65. I only pay attention to positive thoughts that help me get forward.

66. I enjoy every day I get to work for myself.

67. I love my business and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Final thoughts on affirmations for entrepreneurs

Being a new entrepreneur or someone who is currently struggling with their business is not easy. But then again, that’s part of the fun. This is an adventure and you are constantly learning new things and having to come up with new solutions. If everything always went according to plan, that would just be boring.

Imagine one day being successful, but everything went super smoothly and you barely felt like you did any work. That wouldn’t be fun. You couldn’t be proud of yourself and you would hardly feel ecstatic to finally have “made it”.

Stick to your goals, work hard, and never stop believing in yourself. Every little thing you do for your business takes you that much closer to success. One day even the hardest times will have been worth it.

Use these business affirmations regularly to make sure you have a positive mindset and that you do your best, whatever happens. They will help you to keep going on bad days and to remember that you are a true entrepreneur who can make things happen.

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I hope these affirmations for entrepreneurs like you help you be more confident and self-assured as you work and grow your business! Make sure to share this post on social media, it helps me a lot!