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​I’m sure you know how powerful positive affirmations can be. They can change your mindset and the course of your day in a matter of seconds. And that’s why you also need these gratitude affirmations: they can help you shed negative thoughts and start feeling grateful and lucky right away. 

The power of affirmations is in how they can alter your subconscious mind and make you understand how much power you have over your life. Even though they are very simple statements that you only need to repeat a few times each day, they can completely change your life, if you take them seriously and are not afraid to go after your dreams. 

How gratitude affirmations can make you more positive

It’s not easy to stay positive when things go wrong and nothing is for sure. And no matter what your personal goals are, they will probably require a lot of hard work and possibly even some sacrifices before you reach them. Life just isn’t always easy. 

But affirmations of gratitude are one great way to make things feel a little bit easier. They will help you foster positive emotions, see the positive aspects of your life, and increase your life satisfaction. They can also improve your mental health

You don’t even need to spend a lot of time repeating your daily gratitude affirmations or think about them many times a day (although it definitely wouldn’t hurt either). All you really need is a minute or two every morning. A simple practice of repeating your favorite affirmations will help you build a more positive mindset and live a happier life. 

Go through the following list of affirmations and choose the ones that you like the best. Use them every morning to start your day right and to feel more grateful. 

Gratitude affirmations

1. I appreciate my daily life and all the good little things around me. 

2. I express gratitude and good things happen to me. 

3. I know that every small step I take towards my goals matters. 

4. I appreciate every kind word I get from someone else. 

5. I am grateful for my life, my health, and the people around me. 

6. Seeing the morning sunrise makes me feel blessed. 

7. I am thankful for all the opportunities I get in my life. 

8. My life is full of great things, lovely people, and excitement. 

9. I wake up with a sense of gratitude and peace. 

10. I am living my best life and I know things are getting even better. 

11. I have fun friends and a loving family. I am lucky. 

12. I am full of optimism and positive energy. 

13. I feel blessed to be living such a beautiful life and get all the chances that I get. 

14. I am content in the present moment. 

15. My heart is filled with gratitude. 

16. I choose to foster positive thoughts. 

17. I express thanks for everything good in my life. 

18. I take a deep breath when faced with challenges and feel confident knowing I can overcome anything. 

19. Counting my blessings makes me even happier. 

20. I am amazed by my luck on a daily basis. 

21. I am grateful for every new day I get. 

22. Standing in front of the mirror, I feel proud of who I am. 

23. I value the simple joys in life. 

24. My gratefulness brings positive changes to my life. 

25. I have a deep appreciation for every single good thing in my life: my health, my family, my friends, my work, and everything I get to experience. 

26. Seeing how far I’ve come makes me appreciate every step I’ve taken along the way. 

27. I am grateful for living in a safe place. 

28. I am extremely lucky to have all of my friends. 

29. I always see the silver lining, no matter what happens. 

30. I love my simple everyday life and how safe I feel in the middle of it. 

31. My life gives me joy. 

32. I know that I am lucky to have the life that I have. 

33. My past experiences make me appreciate what I have today even more. 

34. I have a grateful heart and a peaceful mind. 

35. I can see beauty all around me. 

36. I am grateful for the little surprises in life and how something new is happening all the time. 

37. As I go to sleep every night, I feel grateful for the day I got to live. 

38. Gratitude has a powerful impact on me. 

39. All the doors are open for me. 

40. My potential is endless and that excites me. 

41. I have an attitude of gratitude. 

42. I know every new day is a new opportunity. 

43. I enjoy the small things in life. 

44. I am proud of my skills and what I can do. 

45. I always remember to be thankful. 

46. I deserve happiness and all the good things that happen to me. 

47. I pay attention to all the kind things people do to me. 

48. I am grateful for how comfortable my life is. 

49. Life is fun and I love living it. 

50. My life is full of love and joy. 

51. I am grateful for my confidence and passion. 

52. I am so lucky to have unconditional love in my life. 

53. I am a grateful spirit and I always see positive things around me. 

54. The world is good to me and I am thankful for that. 

55. I am constantly getting good news. 

56. I am grateful for my simple, daily life. 

57. I create luck in my life. 

58. I love all the people in my life. 

59. I am excited for the new day ahead of me. 

60. I am grateful for all my experiences. 

61. I appreciate having the support of others, it helps me do my best. 

62. I am constantly amazed by what the world has to offer. 

63. My life is full of beautiful things. 

64. I know good things are happening to me. 

65. I am happy with my life. 


Positive statements are a powerful tool in combating the negative mindset that is holding you back. They can help you enter a state of gratitude, in which you recognize all the good things around you. So many people think they are unlucky in life and things never work out in their favor. But in reality, good things are happening to you all the time. The mere fact that you are reading these words right now proves that things could be much worse. 

The power of gratitude is much greater than you might think. Being grateful for the good things in your life doesn’t just bring you a moment’s happiness. It helps you understand that you have a lot of power and you have luck and the law of attraction on your side. Positive things happen when you believe in yourself and have the courage to take action. That’s why a little gratitude practice every now and then can work wonders. 

I recommend that you make morning affirmations a part of your daily routine. Saying a few positive affirmations to yourself is possibly the best way to start your morning because it helps you have a positive attitude, no matter what happens during the day. Sometimes bad things happen, but focusing on the good will help you retain your inner peace. 

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