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Daily affirmations are a powerful tool for changing your mindset and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Mindset is everything if you want to be happy and succeed in life. These affirmations for happiness and success are a great way to take the first step to lasting change.

If you have a positive mindset, little setbacks don’t affect you as much. You don’t let yourself get bored and discouraged just because life feels mundane sometimes. Your life is beautiful and these affirmations help you remember that.

Being happy isn’t necessarily just about happiness though. Being able to appreciate the little things is a good thing, but I’m sure you have dreams and goals for the future. In other words, you want more from life. That’s why you need to work hard to create that future.

If you build the right positive mindset and put in the work, one day you can be successful and even happier than today. That is definitely something worth working for.

Take the first step towards the future of your dreams by using these affirmations!

How positive affirmations can make a difference in your life

Many ambitious women love using affirmations because they help you change your mindset and attitude really fast. And when you are in a positive mindset, it’s much easier to do what you know you have to do instead of wasting your time feeling sorry for yourself just because things aren’t perfect right now.

If you want to be happy, you of course need that positive mindset. But the same goes for being successful. You’re not going to get far with a pessimistic attitude. You need to believe in yourself and feel that the work you do has value. Affirmations can help you with this. That’s how they make a difference.

Positive affirmations for happiness and success

1. I can ignore the negative thoughts in my head and be positive by choice.

2. I am a positive person and I appreciate every day of my life.

3. Great things happen to me often.

4. I am the best version of myself and that makes me proud.

5. Hard work brings me happiness and success.

6. I radiate positive energy.

7. I am excited about this new day full of opportunities.

8. My life is magical and anything can happen.

9. I have a positive outlook on life.

10. I am succeeding in all areas of my life.

11. I love finding new opportunities and I take them all.

12. I work hard to become a better version of myself.

13. I have a successful life and nothing is out of reach for me.

14. I make wise decisions and I am not afraid to take risks.

15. I am optimistic even when things aren’t going my way.

16. It’s ok if things aren’t perfect right now. I have the power to change my life.

17. It’s fun to be unstoppable.

18. Today is a good day, no matter what.

19. My life is full of health, happiness, and abundance.

20. My daily routine makes me feel happy and safe.

21. I am in charge of my own happiness and I don’t let other people affect how I feel.

22. This day is a great opportunity to enjoy life.

23. Difficult situations don’t scare me. They give me a chance to be brave.

24. I am living my dream life.

25. I am in full control of my life and I can make things better.

26. Now is the right time to take a chance and see what happens. I believe in myself.

27. I can get anything I want in life.

28. I am a strong individual and I can take care of myself.

29. I am grateful for everything that I have. I know I am lucky.

30. I have a valuable, beautiful life and I am not going to waste it by being sad.

31. When I feel uncomfortable and insecure, I just take a deep breath and I know I can handle anything.

32. My past experiences don’t dictate my future. I get to decide what happens next.

33. I am full of great ideas that actually work.

34. I push sadness aside and make space for happiness and success.

35. I wake up full of joy knowing that today is a blessing.

36. It’s easy to have a positive attitude when you have a life like mine.

37. I am excited to know that my dreams are coming true.

38. I have a positive mindset because I know things will always work out in my favor.

39. I am healthy and happy. Life is good.

40. I face this new day with excitement and optimism.

41. I surround myself with positive people and my life is good.

42. I like doing good things for others. That’s the kind of person I am.

43. What a great day it is today. I feel content.

44. I believe I am lucky. That’s why I am this happy.

45. Positive things happen to me every day.

46. I choose to be successful.

47. I deserve to feel good and safe.

48. I create my own happiness

49. I am living my life to the fullest and I seize every opportunity.

50. It’s easy for me to make great new friends.

51. I work to become a better person.

52. I am worthy of love and respect.

53. I can overcome my low self-esteem and become confident.

54. When I stand in front of a mirror and see myself, I see how far I’ve come and I feel proud.

55. I am responsible for my own life. I work hard and create opportunities for myself.

56. Other people’s negative beliefs don’t stop me. I have the right to choose my own path.

57. I am content with the career path I have chosen. It will lead me to success.

58. The negative experiences in my past don’t dictate my life. I let go of the bad feelings and choose to love this moment.

59. I am grateful for everything I have and excited for everything my future will bring me.

60. I choose to think positive thoughts. I am an optimistic person.

61. By working hard I get closer to a beautiful future and a happy life.

62. I can reach all of my goals. I know what I am doing and I deserve to have my dreams come true.

63. There’s abundance all around me and I deserve it too.

64. I create positive change in my life.

65. I am worthy of success and wealth.

66. I can get everything I want in life.

67. Today I will change my life. It’s my time to succeed.

68. I am healthy, wealthy, and happy.

69. It’s fun to be me and get to live this life.

70. I deserve everything I have. I am allowed to be proud of myself.

71. I appreciate every little thing about this beautiful day.

72. I am a good person with a good heart and I want to do good things for others.

73. I am lucky to have this day.


These positive affirmations for happiness and success can change your mornings if you use them on a daily basis! Of course, you don’t have to use them as morning affirmations if you don’t want to, they are good whenever you feel like you need a little extra motivation.

Let me know which one of these is your favorite affirmation and what kind of affirmations would you like me to write. I’d love to get some feedback!

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