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If you want to start your mornings the right way with motivational affirmations, but don’t want to try to remember long sentences when you’re barely awake, short morning affirmations are for you!

The affirmations in this post are short and sweet and they get straight to the point. It’s easy to remember them, but you might also want to write them down somewhere where you can see them often.

Why you should use short affirmations

I believe all kinds of affirmations are great, but you have to pick the ones that work the best for you. That’s why you should pick short affirmations for when you want something simple and very clear that is easy to remember.

Short affirmations are especially good when you need something that you can easily recall and that captures the exact meaning and energy you need. You can repeat these kinds of simple, short statements in your mind whenever you need some extra encouragement.

Why mindset is everything in the morning

Affirmations are one of the best tools for building a strong, positive mindset. They help you remember who you are and what you are supposed to do.

I know you have big goals in life and you have a lot of things to do to make them happen. That’s why you need to spend your time wisely and not waste it.

The easiest way to be productive is to start already in the morning. Get up early, do some meditation, or go for a walk, and when you are getting ready to start working, repeat a few affirmations to yourself. This will ensure that you are motivated to work and you have the right attitude.

With the right mindset, it’s much easier to do what you have to do and keep going even when you don’t quite feel like it.

Short morning affirmations

1. I am good enough.

2. I can handle anything.

3. I am brave.

4. I am hard-working and responsible.

5. I can easily focus.

6. I know what I am doing.

7. I am a goal-oriented and determined woman.

8. I like doing my best.

9. It’s fun to do the impossible.

10. Everything is easier than it first seems.

11. I am a positive woman.

12. I love this day.

13. I am grateful.

14. Positive thoughts only.

15. I am happy.

16. Today is a miracle.

17. I am completely free.

18. My opinions matter.

19. I am capable of anything.

20. I love myself.

21. I can do great things.

22. I am positive and so are my thoughts.

23. I choose to be positive.

24. I just do what I have to do.

25. I am a good person.

26. I see beauty everywhere around me.

27. Today is a new beginning.

28. Happiness is success.

29. Things are going well for me.

30. I am exactly who I’m supposed to be.

31. Work is easy for me.

32. I am unstoppable.

33. I love my life.

34. I am lucky.


Your mindset matters and that’s why you should use morning affirmations. If you feel good and positive in the morning, it’s much easier to be productive and work on those goals of yours. Of course, having the right mindset also helps you to be happy and to have gratitude for life.

Use these morning affirmations to make your day a bit better!

Comment down below whether you usually like longer or shorter affirmations better! And let me know what you think about the affirmations in this post.

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