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Are you dreaming of that perfect job that you would actually enjoy and that pays well? Or do you wish you had the courage to apply for a new job? Either way, what you need is a few good career affirmations!

Work life can be extremely demanding and it’s easy to lose confidence when you don’t get a job you applied for. But you must not let negative and self-sabotaging thoughts win. You have what it takes. You’ve got this.

Now go through this list of affirmations and get ready for all the amazing career opportunities that are waiting for you!

Why you need career affirmations

If you are after your dream job, I’m sure you have already considered what skills you will need and what kind of experience they want you to have. It’s important to keep learning new skills if you are in a highly competitive field. And it never hurts to do some extra work or get something additional to put in your resume.

But other than your skills and experience, it’s also important to have a positive, optimistic mindset. If you don’t you’re not going to bother applying to jobs you might get. And you are less likely to ask for a raise or a promotion. That’s why career affirmations are so helpful; they help you push yourself forward, believe in yourself and stay positive even when you don’t feel like going to work.

How to use affirmations to get your dream job

Using affirmations is easy. That’s why they are such a great tool in building the right mindset. These kinds of positive statements can make you feel better in a matter of seconds and that’s exactly what you need when you feel like you don’t have what it takes or that you’ll never get your dream job.

Choose an affirmation or a few and make them a part of your morning routine. You can write them on sticky notes and stick them on your bathroom mirror or take a few minutes every morning to write them down in your journal.

Make sure to use affirmations every morning to get the most out of them.

64 Inspiring career affirmations

1. I am worthy of my dream job.

2. Job search is fun and I am excited to find new opportunities.

3. I am a confident woman and I ace every job interview.

4. My job allows me to have a positive impact on other people and the society.

5. I appreciate my job and the chance to see my coworkers every day.

6. Every day I am closer to my dream job.

7. I have a successful career.

8. My job supports my personal growth and helps me learn valuable skills.

9. My current job helps me get my next job.

10. I love meeting new people and making connections.

11. I am building my ideal career.

12. There are many great jobs waiting for me.

13. It’s easy to keep a positive attitude knowing I am good at my job.

14. I am building the career of my dreams and my dream job is near.

15. This job is the first step on my journey to my dream career.

16. Every new day at work is a new opportunity for me to shine.

17. My hard work is paying off and I get closer to a promotion every day.

18. The world is full of great job opportunities for me.

19. Every day at work is a new learning opportunity.

20. I am in full control of my career.

21. I love going to work knowing that the work I do has a huge impact on other people’s lives.

22. I can handle all stressful situations that I encounter because I am an expert at what I do.

23. My job pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow.

24. I am skilled and reliable. My coworkers appreciate me.

25. The harder I try, the further I get.

26. I am excited to get a new job and learn new skills.

27. My career is going towards the right direction. I know success is near.

28. I am lucky to have a meaningful career.

29. I feel safe at work.

30. I am experienced at my job and I know I can handle every stressful situation.

31. I have big career goals and I am excited to work for them.

32. It’s easy to go to work every morning knowing that it takes me closer to my dream career.

33. I am a valuable member of my team. The team succeeds because I am good at what I do.

34. I love my job. It’s one of the most exciting parts of my life.

35. I am proud of my work and how far I’ve become.

36. I have a positive mindset and that makes it easier to go to work every day.

37. It feels good to wake up in the morning and know that I get to spend a safe, normal day at the office.

38. I love challenges and making mistakes doesn’t worry me.

39. I deserve a well-paid job.

40. I work hard and always do my best to get my ideal job.

41. I am ready for my new career.

42. I have a habit of being in the right place at the right time.

43. My career path is my choice and what other people say doesn’t matter to me.

44. I am building a meaningful and fulfilling career for myself.

45. Positive thinking gets me through every day.

46. I am ready for the next step in my career.

47. I accept only job offers that I am genuinely interested in and that help me advance in my career.

48. I can create new job opportunities for myself.

49. I want to improve my skills and get better.

50. My work space is my safe place.

51. I stick to my morning routine because it helps me be a better employee.

52. I have a strong work ethic and I genuinely want to do my best.

53. My career journey is exciting and I love every opportunity I get.

54. I am a great employee and that makes me proud.

55. I love tackling my to-do list and getting everything done early.

56. I am grateful for the fact that I have a great career.

57. My career goals are my most important goals. I will do anything for them.

58. I am completely ready for a new, more demanding job.

59. I know in my heart that I will succeed.

60. I am confident that the right opportunities are waiting for me.

61. I deserve a raise and I am not ashamed to ask for it.

62. I love my job even on the hardest days.

63. I have the courage to follow my calling, even if it takes a lot of work.

64. I am skilled and I can get any job I want.


Use these career affirmations to build a positive mindset when you go to work and to motivate yourself to get a new job if that is your goal. Even if it feels like there is a lot of competition in your field and it’s really hard to get any decent job, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t still get the job of your dreams. Someone is going to get that job, so why not you?

What you need to do, is to be optimistic and put in the work and eventually those jobs that you thought were out of your reach suddenly become opportunities that you have a realistic chance of getting.

Remember that no one is perfect and you don’t have to know everything or have all the experience that a job ad says you should have. Women often decide it’s best not to waste their time applying for a job when they don’t fill all the requirements.

But you have every right to apply for every job you yourself think you can do. And you absolutely should. It’s good to keep in mind that the other applicants aren’t perfect either.

What job are you going to apply to next? And what is your dream job? I’d love to know!

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