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How do you feel at work? Do you feel good and competent? Or do you often wish you could just go straight home? If you usually don’t feel good and confident at work, don’t worry, these positive affirmations for work will change that!

Work life can be hectic and demanding and it feels like expectations are just getting higher and higher all the time. It can be really hard to feel like you really are good at your job or that you have a chance to get your dream job. Trust me, you’re not alone if you feel like this.

The good news is that things often feel more difficult than they really are. You have a lot of potential and you can have the career you want. What you need to do, is to build your confidence and start believing in yourself more.

Affirmations are an amazing tool for building a new, better mindset. Use these affirmations for work every day before you go to work or to an interview and let yourself feel confident. You have what it takes and you deserve to feel good about what you do.

How to use affirmations for work

Using affirmations is very simple and it doesn’t take a lot of time! The important thing is that one way or the other, you repeat the affirmation in your mind.

The most common way is to simply write a few of your favorite affirmations down or simply memorize them and say them out loud every morning or whenever you want to use them. This works well and saying the affirmations out loud makes them more effective.

Other than that, you can also write the affirmations on sticky notes and put them somewhere where you can see them often, like your mirror or your desk. You can also download affirmations wallpapers or set notifications on your phone so that you will get affirmations at random times of the day.

What comes to affirmations for work specifically, it’s best to use them every day before you go to work, especially if you know you have a hard day ahead. They can also help you feel calm and competent before a job interview or boost your confidence before asking your boss for a raise.

Affirmations for work mornings

1. I feel good and I am ready to get to work.

2. I am a valuable, competent worker.

3. Today is a good, usual day.

4. I like to do my best at work.

5. I love my job and I’m proud to have it.

6. I am energetic, confident, and enthusiastic.

7. I am well prepared and I am going to have a good day at work.

8. I feel creative and brave and I’m full of ideas.

9. I am ready to work hard and show what I’m made of.

10. I love mornings and all the opportunities ahead.

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Affirmations for getting a promotion

11. I am ready to take on new challenges.

12. I deserve to be rewarded for all my hard work.

13. I am qualified for a promotion.

14. I like challenges and learning new skills.

15. I am a good leader.

16. I have much more to give than what I can do in my current job.

17. I am skilled, experienced, and reliable.

18. I know how to do things better.

19. I am full of ideas and energy.

20. I am the best person in the office.

Positive affirmations for the workweek

21. This is a new chance for me to show my talent. I am doing my best.

22. I am successful and I am doing well in my career.

23. I am great at my job and I like to do my best.

24. This week I surpass myself.

25. I am capable of doing anything I am asked to do.

26. I am learning new skills and getting more experienced every day.

27. I feel safe at work and I feel lucky to have my job.

28. I am getting a lot done this week.

29. This week is full of opportunities.

30. I am positive and always look at the bright side.

Affirmations for productivity at work

31. I am efficient and get things done fast.

32. It’s easy for me to focus even when there is a lot of noise around me.

33. By focusing on one thing at once, I get everything done in time.

34. I can reach my work goals easily.

35. My work is easy and I know what I am doing.

36. It’s fun to work and see how much progress I am making.

37. I focus on quality work and want to do my best.

38. My work is easy for me. I get everything done fast.

39. I am focused on results.

40. Doing well at work is my priority.

Affirmations for job interviews

41. I have a lot of experience and I work hard.

42. I make a good first impression.

43. I like interviews. I enjoy talking and meeting new people.

44. I come across as likable and interesting.

45. I have a lot of potential and I am ready to show it.

46. I am calm and articulate well.

47. I am a great candidate and I am getting this job.

48. I have a lot of skills and a good work ethic.

49. I appreciate getting interview experience.

50. I am memorable.

Affirmations for getting along with your coworkers

51. I want to be a good coworker and make everyone feel safe and happy.

52. I am approachable and trustworthy.

53. I appreciate meeting different kinds of people and being able to learn from them.

54. I am a team player.

55. I am good at getting along with everyone.

56. I want to create a good atmosphere at work.

57. I have a lot of friends at work and I want to make more friends.

58. I respect my coworkers and want to see them succeed.

59. I want to cooperate. Together we are stronger.

60. I am open to new ideas and other people’s opinions.

Positive affirmations for work stress

61. My mental health is more important than my job.

62. I am good enough just the way I am.

63. I feel safe at work.

64. The important thing is to get things done, perfect or not.

65. I have this job because I am better than others at this.

66. I do my best and that is enough.

67. I get everything done in time simply by doing one thing at a time.

68. I know I am respected and valuable.

69. I am good at my job.

70. My job is only one small part of my life.

Final thoughts on positive affirmations on work

Work is not always easy and it can be hard to stay positive. But if you want to have a good career and you want to enjoy your time at work, it’s best to be optimistic and look at the bright side. Perhaps you don’t really like every single one of your coworkers, but that’s just fine. You can still get along and learn from them.

The same goes for customers: not everyone is going to be nice and polite, but you can still stay positive and try to learn to connect with people better. At the end of the day, what is important is that you feel good and confident. Even if today isn’t the best day, you are still doing something valuable and building a better future for yourself.

I recommend you use these positive work affirmations on a daily basis, especially if you are having a hard time at work. Let them make you feel strong and confident when you face difficulties and happy and positive when it’s not the best day at work.

Daily affirmations are a wonderful way to change your life and feel better about yourself. For the best results, use these affirmations consistently and really focus on them. That will make all the difference.

I hope these affirmations for work help you and make your workdays better. Do share this post if you liked it!

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